Monday, 7 September 2009

We certainly do need a Ramadan!!

Assalamu 'alaykum! Afwan.....I know I'm a bit late with posting this, we're halfway through Ramadan already subhanAllaah! I hope everyone's fasting is going well insha Allaah.
I haven't blogged for a while on here, or even posted any articles, I'm sorry for that, I have to be honest about myself, I struggle alot with being consistent in many areas of my life, I do try to work on it, but often it's not enough. Insha Allaah I would like this Ramadan to be a fresh start for me, I have to fight my nafs, which is not always easy as I'm sure many of you will agree, but this is where I need to be most consistent insha Allaah, spending time on increasing in 'ilm (knowledge) and acting upon it, reading and memorising more of the Qur'an, making the effort again to pray the sunnah prayers, learning Arabic, improving my character, and many other things, but insha Allaah one step at a time, I just dont want another ramadan to go by and feel guilty that I've not made enough effort, at least I want to do better than last year insha Allaah.

Tonight I listened to Abu Uwais's lecture 'We need a Ramadan', masha'Allaah a great reminder for us as to why we should strive harder in Ramadan, and continue to keep it up after it insha Allaah.

Let us all take this chance to try a bit harder this year, Allaah knows if this is our last Ramadan, let's not waste it insha Allaah, and I advise myself firstly with this.

May Allaah accept our fasts, du'a and salaat and any good deeds we do for his sake only, ameen!!!