Thursday, 11 December 2008

Found karate class

Masha'Allaah I found a karate class for my son, it's not too far from where we live, and I think it's a brother who actually teaches the class. I asked about the issue of bowing, I doubted this would be something that was done there, but I have recently seen brothers bowing in a karate class we visited so I wanted to check before getting U's hopes up, masha'Allaah the brother said they don't bow there, so finally we found something alhamdulillaah.
Also one sister I know who's husband is a black belt, said that the instructor who told me that they have to do the bowing was lying, he said it's not required. I think maybe the guy either was being awkward and didn't agree it should be changed/left out or was just ignorant of it, Allaahu a'lam.

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