Sunday, 7 December 2008

plans for 'Eid

Taqaballallaahu minna wa minkum!
(May Allaah accept from us and from you (good deeds)ameen)
Alhamdulillaah 'eid is now upon us, and I'm feeling all excited. Insha Allaah will be going to a sister's house tomorrow for the day, the kids will do maybe a quiz, be a mini shaykh or shaykha for a few minutes while they read a little something they've put together (more so for the older ones) do some activities and will recieve a gift insha Allaah, so should be fun.
Managed to buy my outfit at last minute online, alhamdulillaah it came the next day. Bought a stunning dress for T off Ebay, white and princess like, she loves it of course! very girly masha'Allaah. Hoping K's will come tomorrow morning, but if not she has another dress she can wear. The baby's outfit I doubt will come on time, and not sure about my son's things, but alhamdulillaah they've got other things. That will teach me to order at last minute.
Insha Allaah Tuesday hope to go over to Small Heath, sister's are having an 'eid event with ball pit, bungee run, bouncy castle, food etc... sounds like alot of fun for the kids, so will try my best to get over there.
Hope everyone has a great 'eid insha Allaah, would love to know what your all up to.

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