Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Great 'Eid

Alhamdulillaah had a great few days of 'eid, I wanted to make sure the kids enjoyed themselves, as the last 'eid we were just stuck in the house. Was not able to go to the 'eid salaah for certain reasons, we do normally, but it was a bit awkward this time. We were invited to a sisters house for the day on Monday, there were just a few of us but masha'Allaah it's sometimes nicer when it's not so many people. The kids did their presentation, K wrote a little about the examples of a good companion and a bad companion, we just about heard her speak as she was so shy, love her. U recited a small surah, and so did T. The rest of the kids did some presentations on the hajj, dhul hijja etc... They all recieved a gift each, which they loved and made their day alhamdulillaah.

Us sisters decided to have a little makeup competion, I was quite impressed with my finished look (I was the one applying) especially the eyeliner which I managed to get quite neat, it turned out to be a draw. The funniest part was when I had my makeover done, lol, just thinking about it now makes me laugh, the makeup was verry heavy, which I am not used to, and I was told I looked like a teenager! I didn't want to make the sister feel bad, but I had to wash it off, I couldn't stay loyal for very long, lol.

Food was lush masha'Allaah, rice,curry, chicken, samosas, pizza(but not at same time as rice) I was so full at the end of the day, alhamdulillaah. Got back just before midnight, so as you can imagine we were all shattered, but had a great day, Jazakillaahu khairan sisters, May Allaah reward you for all your efforts, ameen.

Tuesday, we went over to Small Heath, there was an 'eid gathering going on, bouncy castles, ball pit, food, kids enjoyed themselves alhamdulillaah, but spent most of the time coming back and forth asking for money for sweets, that's kids for you ey! masha'Allaah. We stayed a couple of hours and then made our way back home. Today we just stayed home most of the day, masha'Allaah it was nice to stay in, getting bit cold outside, brrrr! the girls played with their new prams they had off my mum, it was quite funny, we all went out to the shop today, so there's three prams, my big one, and their mini ones, I told them this was the last time I let them take them to the shop, T just loves to run with hers, and the aisles in the shop are not the widest, so I think we were blocking up the place a bit.
Well, I'm really happy with how 'eid turned out this year, I think it's important that kids can have fun and enjoy themselves, and look forward to the next one insha Allaah.

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