Sunday, 11 January 2009

10 random things about me.

Ok, well I've just been tagged by Empress Anisa, and I have to write ten random things about me, ok, here goes...

1. I can be a right chatterbox sometimes, especially when it's late, and my hubby wants to go to sleep, the words just seem to keep flowing, lol.

2. The other day when it had been snowing, but the floor was really icy, I decided to do a bit of ice-skating with my pram, lol, it was fun!

3. Like Empress Anisa, I also loooove shopping, my husband hates going with me, as I take too long. Alot of the time it's for the kids, but love shopping for myself too.

4. I've never been on a ship, and the though petrifies me, watching the titanic many years ago, petrified me even more.

5. I ring my mum for almost everything, even when she's in work. Countless times I've rung her to ask her how to cook something, and almost everything else that comes up in daily life that I need help on, It's normally my mum I ring. And she never complains.

Now it's getting hard! I'm stuck on number 6, hmmmm....

6. I really appreciate MY TIME at the end of the day, and so like to have the kids in bed around the same time each night, clean up, pray, and then relax, aaahhh.

7. If I haven't got chocolate or at least cake in the house, I start having cravings for it, my mind doesn't rest, lol.

8. Can be quite a comedienne at times, especially in front of the kids, my funny side sometimes comes out, and then I realise where they get their silly side from.

9.When I was younger I stole an egg from a birds nest behind my school, I took it home and wrapped it up and placed it on top of the radiator, hoping for it to hatch and have a baby bird, well, I came home one day to find my mum cleaning up the mess, and as you probably guessed, she was not happy!

10. One of my biggest habits is staying up late, if I try to go to bed early I feel like I'm missing out on the night, and my free time. Something I need to work on.


Empress Anisa said...

Ice skating with the pram? lol
me too, I really appreciate "me time" when all the kids are asleep... ahh, the little things, right?
Alike, 8 & 10 is me also... I know where my daughter gets her silliness from!

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Yeh, it was fun too, lol. I think it's so important to get time for oursleves at the end of a long day, recharge our batteries etc.. pamper ourselves or whatever else we feel like doing.

We have to have a laugh now and again with our kids, don't want them to think we're old before our time! lol