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Camel given in charity

This was sent to the South Wales Dawah Group, from a brother, nice story masha'Allaah.

I would like to share this short Story with you which was narrated to us by Dr Saleh As-Saleh (May Allah Have Mercy upon him) in his room Understanding-islam1

The Sheikh began

Do you want hear this real story which took place in here about hundred years ago. (In Saudi) Dayib

This is real! This is real!

Bismilaahi Rahmaani Raheem

This story took place here about hundred years ago and it was also broadcasted in the radio stations

It is about a man call ibn Jad'aan he said during spring times he used to go out, and I saw good and healthy fat camels and theirs udders filled to the extent of almost exploding and whenever the little offspring comes close to the mother camel her milk pours Forth because of the great abundance of blessings and abundance of goodness. So I look at one of my she camels with her offspring and I remember my neighbour who had young daughters seven of them and he was poor, so I said by Allah I will give this camel and its offspring as Sadaqah as a (charity) to my neighbour and Allah says and he recited the saying of Allah verse in (Surah Al-imraan 92) "By no means Shall you Attain piety righteousness unless you spend in Allah's cause of which that you love" and the most beloved to myself from my cattle is this one this she-camel and I took it with its offspring and knock the door on my neighbour and said take it as a gift from me I saw his face glooming with happiness unable to utter something in response. And so he benefited from its milk and used to load wood on its back and awaiting for its offspring to grow up to sell it. so he gained great good from this camel and after the spring came the summer with its drought and dryness and the Bedouins began moving looking for water and grass and. He said we gathered our belongings and left our place looking for water and the duhuul plural of duhul is holes in the earth, underground leading to water traps like underneath the ground and its opening are on top of the ground and the Bedouins know of them very well. And I entered to one of them so as to bring some water to drink and his three sons were waiting for him outside and he wasn't able to know how to return his three sons waited for him for a day, two days and three days and they become hopeless and they said maybe he was stung by a snake and died or he was lost under the earth and destroyed and they (we seek refuge in Allah from that) waited for his destruction why? Out of greed to distribute his inheritance. So they returned home and divided what he left amongst themselves. Then they remembered that their father gave a she camel (that he talked about earlier) to their poor neighbour, so they went to this neighbour and said it is better that you give us back the she-camel and take this camel instead of it otherwise we will take it by force and we will give you nothing. He said but I will report you to your father they said do so he already died. He said died how and where, how you didn't tell me. They said he entered into one of these holes in underground in the desert and did not come out, he said by Allah take me to this place and then take your she camel and do whatever you do with it and I don't want your camel in return. They took him and when he saw the place he went and brought a rope and lit a candle and tied it outside the duhul (this hole) and then stepped it in crawling on his back until he reached places where by he crawled and rolled and smelling moisture becoming close and then out of sudden he heard the sound of a man by the water he heard his groan and moaning so he went closer and closer towards this sound in this darkness putting his hand all over until his hand fell on the man and he checked his breath and he was still breathing after one week so he pulled him and covered his eyes to protect him from sunlight and he took out with him get some dates and moistured them in water and gave him to drink and carried him on his back and took him to his house, a life gradually return to this man and his sons didn't know then he told him tell me by Allah one week while you were in underground and you didn't die and he said I tell you something strange he said when I went down their I got lost and waves took me all directions and I said I better stick to this water that I reached and I started drink from it but hunger had no mercy and water does not suffice then after three days where hunger intensified on me, took me from all parts of me and while I was lying on my back I surrendered myself to Allah and put all my affairs in his hands and out of the sudden I felt the warm of the milk pouring on my mouth. So I sat in the midst of the darkness I saw a pot coming closer to my mouth and I drank from it until I took from what is sufficient from it and then it goes. This occurred three times in the day but last two days it stopped and I didn't know what happened. So I told him if you know the reason you will be amazed your sons thought that you died and they came to me and took away the she-camel which Allah (Subhanahu Watalla) gave you from its milk and the Muslim is in the shade of his Sadaqah (Charity) and Allah states in Suratu At-Talaaq verse 2,3 (2....And whoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to him, he will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). (3 "................And he will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And who every puts his trust in Allah, then he will suffice him".)

By: Dr Saleh As-Saleh May Allah have Mercy upon him Ameen.

Source: (www.understand-islam.net) please visit the site to listen to the original lecture this is just my notes.

Any mistake is from me and the Shaytaan.

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