Sunday, 18 January 2009

Gaza - Our hearts are with you

As I came to hear the news of a cease fire in Palestine, I found it hard to switch to being totally happy and overyjoyed. Of course, I am relieved that insha Allaah this has ended, and I hope it will be a permament end to it all, but on the other hand my heart is still aching for what has happened to our brothers and sisters in Palestine over the last 22 days. Right now, many women are grieving over the children they have lost, babies days/months old, husbands who have lost their wives and vice versa, children who have had to watch their parents die. Right now in Palestine the people are grieving, hearts heavy with sorrow, children and adults emotionally scarred for life.

But Allaah is the best of planners, and insha Allaah the oppressive zionists will not get away with this.

What we need to continue to do is aid our brothers and sisters with as much as we can, they are in desperate need of our help, they need food, medicine, clothes, houses to live in, their land is in ruins, destroyed, subhanAllaah. Insha Allaah we can donate through Islamic Relief and other aid agencies.

I was just reading the latest on Al jazeera, it was mentioning the Egypt summit, this is some parts of what was reported:

.....Rabbani* also said the leaders talked about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as if it had been caused by an earthquake.
"I'm speechless, that you can, in 2009, have a major international gathering to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and have a whole series of keynote addresses, in which the word occupation isn't mentioned even once."

And there you also see a photo of Ehud Olmert and the french leader(who has announced his support for Israel) and others, all looking very happy with themselves, as if oblivious to the thousands that are dead.

(*Mouin Rabbani, a contributing editor to the Middle East Report magazine)

A poem from Palestine

I Believe in Miracles

By Nahida

You can break my bones
My free spirit is invincible
You can cause me the loss of sight
The light of my insight
You'll never take away

In the shadows of darkness
Lies the corpse of your might
You can destroy my house
The windows of my hope,
You cannot break
The pillars of my faith
You can never shake

You can threaten me
With weapons of death
And mass destruction
Implanting fear in my heart
You cannot achieve
Nor can you cut off
My divine connection

With a missile
You can tear my body apart
My soul however
Is out of your reach
And is forever intact

You claimed victory in six days!
Victorious are those
With a dignified gaze
Facing tanks with tender flesh
And only with stones,
The F16 fighter blaze

You can never defeat my will to be
Because my power that you cannot explain
Grows from within the roots of my pain
You depend on the United States
For wealth and war supply
My infinite strength stems from

My creator, the One most high

Axis of Logic/Poetry


أم ترافيس said...

It is maddening... people will just not recognize what is staring them in the face... tha would require effort or change... And anyway they dont care that Palestine is being occupied, they hate Muslims, and they want to continue to invade, or let others do so... they will never come to our aid, anyone from the West or supporting them. I pray that the Muslims do not forget... that when they are awakened they will run with it... but no, I fear, they will return to their slumber, after a short, short while. May Allah help us, and protect the oppressed and guide us all to the right way, ameen

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

I agree with you sis, we cannot forget this, along with other atrocities that have happened to our brothers and sisters all over the world. Ameen thumma Ameen!