Friday, 23 January 2009

Urgent appeal

I was forwarded this email from a trusted friend of mine, take a look insha Allaah.

Asalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

As most of you know i am trying to go to the palestinian refugee camps based in syria and Jordan around the 23rd of February, the reason for going is to give aid, medical supplies and also to mentor the children who have been displaced from their homes due to the zionist state of Israel.
I need all of your help in making this possible i need people to donate and raise as much money as they can so that i can give as much to them as possible, also we have setup with a meeting with the UNRWA of Jordan and Syria to address the needs of those in the camp, the refugee camps are run by UN so we needed to gain their permission to help the muslims inside, we aim to setup a monthly scheme where muslims from UK can go for 7 - 10 days at a time to help mentor and teach those in the refugee camps and we are aiming to build a school for this.
The conditions the UN leave the camps in is far from acceptable the most infamous camps that some of you may of heard of are BAQAA and WIHDAT these 2 camps hold the biggest number of palestinian refugees more than 69 thousand in each camp and there is limited supplies, alot of people there live in sewage in a concrete hut with only that 1 room for a family of 4 also alot cannot afford even a roof for their huts.
Many children were born in this camp and this is the only life they know they do not hope or dream or much so we want to be able to give them something t least the basics they deserve and support emotionally.
Please brothers and sisters find it in your heart to donate all you can and collect from people all that you can 100% of your money will be spent on them, it will not be given to the UN or any of its associates it will be distributed amongst the people themselves depending on their needs.
If any of you are businesses/professionals that could offer donations or items to auction please please do so by calling me on 07592716578
I am currently in contact with UMMAH WELFARE TRUST who are trying to assist me all they can.
If any of you are event planners/fundraisers or are interested in helping to arrange an event please call me on 07592716578

May Allah purify your hearts and help you to give your wealth in return for jannah.

As our Prophet pbuh advised us, when you have a good intention fulfill it immediately before something overcomes you.

Please do not forget your obligations to the orphans and widows, and if you cannot acompany us please give your wealth to those who are able to go.

jazakhalla khair

your sister in islam

Umm Ismail

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